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7 Nov 2015: Added the 2015 Kickstarter set, Year of the Goat, updated sql snapshot.

22 Feb 2015: Happy Year of the goat. Queen's Gambit, Knight's Passage, and Endgame are in the database. Download snapshot in sql updated.

8 Oct 2013: Reinforcements and Revelations in the database. Download snapshot in sql updated.

17 Jun 2013: Combat in Kowloon, Back for Seconds, and Reloaded in the database. Downloadable snapshots will be available shortly.

5 Jan 2010: Happy New Year. The Empire of Evil has arrived.

27 Jul 2008: Added multi-field sorting. Updated documentation on database conventions.

6 Jul 2008: Some significant updates:

11 Jun 2008: Just in time for the summer con season, i've released Shadowfist Search plugins. They only currently work on Firefox, though IE might pick up the same standard for sending POST requests through the search plugin widget. Let me know if you have questions or requests for more features. (I'll be refactoring the search engine this summer to make it a bit friendlier for this kind of query, as well as working on the requests list in general.)

24 Jul 2007: Critical Shift is in the database. Please let me know if you see any problems.

8 Jun 2007: With the impending arrival of Critical Shift, folks are sending me more updates to the data. Found and corrected tons of fixes on X-cost and X-fighting cards thanks to Wei C. There are some variable-fighting characters (Evil Twin and Shards of Warped Reflection) which are not technically X-fighting-- they don't have a printed fighting. How do you want to search for them? As 0's or as X's? Send me email if you have an opinion! Thanks.

24 Sep 2006: Added Shurikens and Six-Guns, including the new Syndicate Faction. Fixed a bug in designator code which was excluding Arcano and Super designators. Fixed a bug in designator code and recoded designator field for dealing with words that end in 's'.

16 Feb 2006: Completed restore from shadowfisthub sql server. Added refined designator search, standardized all abbreviations for faction and talent icons in the database. Fixed splitting of special designators (Gun, Sword, Buro, Arcano). Many thanks to all who submitted bug reports, new graphics files, etc..

Updated 7 Mar 2005: Added Two-Fisted Tales (this actually happened back in November). Corrected a card error on Invisi-Ray.

To use this search form:

Only fill out what you need to specify your search. As it is when you first see it, it will return every card in the database, for around 500K of data (please don't do this; go to one of Randall's lists for that-- only really has old sets, though). For checklists, try Stefan's lists. Play with it a little if you're having trouble. If you're really stumped, fire me some email.

Available for download: mysqldump file (836kb). Contains schema, data, etc. I use a few conventions in the raw data which you can/should note. Finally, I've put the complete source online.

Please send me feedback if you'd like to see some new features, or make comments or complaints on the current ones. You can also reach me on the Shadowfist subreddit, too.

Disclaimer: Inner Kingdom Games owns all the information contained in this database, as well as the faction graphics, and anything else having to do with the Shadowfist game. This search engine is provided by the author as a convenience for players, and is not affiliated with Z-Man Games or Inner Kingdom Games in any way. The information is as complete and correct as humanly possible; however some errors may remain, and as such the author makes no guarantees about the correctness of the data contained herein. Any damage or loss or flamewar resulting from possible inaccuracy of this data is not the fault of the author.

To do: >, < searches on numeric values, and backending the stats page into mysql as well. Update xml dump. Create an option to suppress extras, so you can make customizable checklists. Create an option to show only Most Recent Printing (v2, v3, etc.) of each card. Create dynamic links to point older printings to MRPs.

I strive to make the Shadowfist card database bug- and error-free but if I've missed anything, please mail me. -ericlui

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